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DOMS Tuesday; how to cope…

I guess I should have expected it, erg rowing at a good steady pace followed by a swim the following morning. However, it’s not all bad. Monday was, let’s say, a challenging start to the week. Long day at work, missed the rowing club… Continue Reading “DOMS Tuesday; how to cope…”

Indoor rowing, rowing club style! :-0

Rowing machine, something we all see in the gym, we have probably all used, but have you used one in a rowing club? That’s quite a different experience. 

Singles number 4!

Off I went on the river, single sculls, and I still dread it! I was told a vital and most important training tip today though: Focus on one thing only, each time. Today I decided trying to go in a straight line would be… Continue Reading “Singles number 4!”

Beautiful morning row, practice, practice practice!

I was hoping for a singles outing today, the water was perfect. Sadly, numbers prevented it, I was needed in a quad. We started slow strokes, which is actually harder I think.

Sculling Sunday

Today has been a busy day. It started at the rowing club, 8:30am and off we went in a quad. Mill pond like water. We went up the river this time, it’s been a while since I went that way. I had two coaches… Continue Reading “Sculling Sunday”

Masters track training and sweep oars

I went to the rowing club alone today: OH crushed his finger on Friday, so is out of action for quite some time. Because I cannot guarantee that I will be there on Monday evening, due to work, They took us out in an… Continue Reading “Masters track training and sweep oars”