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Does spin really help with cycling fitness?

One of the questions I often get asked is whether spin classes really do help with your cycling or not. Of course, is always my answer: let me illustrate a point. I haven’t been out on the roads for a ride for a long… Continue Reading “Does spin really help with cycling fitness?”

Sunny training: making the most of my outdoors

Wide open roads, blue sky, warm sun, what’s not to like about that! So I made time in my afternoon off for some exercise too. Well, it wasn’t time off, I was actually catching up on coursework. So I’ve nearly finished my PT course… Continue Reading “Sunny training: making the most of my outdoors”

Chasing my own ass: road ride motivation

I decided to sqash a ride in after my day long first aid course today. It seemed rude not to, it  had been sun shining all day while I had been inside with rescussie-Annie!

Long bike Sunday: sunshine and wind wind wind!

I was actually expecting today to be a rowing day, but it didn’t turn out like that, rowing was off. So, I decided to go for the long bike ride instead. I have been adding time on gradually,  so all was under control, or… Continue Reading “Long bike Sunday: sunshine and wind wind wind!”