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Rest is training too, you know!

You may not expect us to advise you to take a break, but for any exercise or sports program to be fully effective there has to be sufficient recovery time – otherwise your next workout or training session might just take you backwards!

Knowing when to rest

It’s way too easy to get so committed to something that you have tunnel vision to the important things in life. It can be the same with exercise. I set myself a goal to exercise every day,  if it is possible. This week has… Continue Reading “Knowing when to rest”

Making the most of limited training time

I have said this before I am sure, but this blog was born out of a conversations recently had with an athlete. Balance, training wisely and REST are the key to success.

The value of rest for an athlete

I hear all the time, people talking about how much training they did, how many hours they clocked up this week. There’s even a series of apps that will calculate it all for you and share it on your social networks. Is all this… Continue Reading “The value of rest for an athlete”