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Rest is training too, you know!

You may not expect us to advise you to take a break, but for any exercise or sports program to be fully effective there has to be sufficient recovery time – otherwise your next workout or training session might just take you backwards!

RPE ranking and it’s use in training

RPE or rate of perceived exertion is used to measure intensity or simply, how hard you are working. It’s not 100% accurate, only proper testing will do that for you, but it’s a very good guide that many coaches and personal trainers use to… Continue Reading “RPE ranking and it’s use in training”

Balancing the metabolism: gym gym gym

Snatching the time I have, and continuing my pledge to do exercise every day, I went to the gym for a 45 minutes today, to continue my effort to rebalance myself! The hazards of being a rower!

35 Bodyweight exercises you can do at home

A great workout I found on Greatist.com. Who said it’d be impossible to get in a great cardio workout on the gym (or living room!) floor? Performing higher-intensity bodyweight exercises can be an effective way to build strength while also raising the heart rate.… Continue Reading “35 Bodyweight exercises you can do at home”

Dealing with myths: weights make you fatter

I was in the changing cubicle the other day and a group of swimmers were having a conversation nearby. I couldn’t help but listen to it, as I got changed, it was a conversation I have heard many times before. It frustrates me each… Continue Reading “Dealing with myths: weights make you fatter”