Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diets For Type 2 Diabetes

ACWM Low Carb
Photo Credit: Global Weight Management Federation

Two of the biggest health issues facing society today are overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes. Despite therapeutic advances, prevalence of both conditions continue to soar. This suggests more effective treatment strategies are required to reverse the trend. Continue reading “Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diets For Type 2 Diabetes”

WARNING: Working out alone could be bad for your health

img_5660Feeling lonely? New research suggests you might want to reach out. Not only iss loneliness an unpleasant condition, it can harm the body’s immune system.

People who are lonely experience more reactivation of latent viruses in their systems than the well-connected. Lonely people also are more likely than others to produce inflammatory compounds in response to stress, a factor implicated in heart disease and other chronic disorders. Continue reading “WARNING: Working out alone could be bad for your health”


20 min fat lossSince Johnny G introduced his concept of ‘Spinning’® to the fitness industry, indoor cycling has become one of most popular classes on group fitness timetables the world over. More and more participants of all age groups and fitness levels are enjoying the experience they receive at the hands of committed and passionate instructors. But would even more people be participating if the experience could be more easily fitted into their day? Continue reading “20 MINUTE FAT LOSS: IS IT POSSIBLE?”