Statement: Fair go Interview – Fitlink

repsI thought it was perhaps the right time to make a public statement regards the long standing disputes that have made local and now national news regards Fitlink. As many of our clients will know, two of our staff were caught up in the crossfire when the Fitlink ownership dispute kicked off at the end of 2016. To be fair it was an incredibly stressful time for both our staff, and Ryding2Health as the employer trying to support them to become fully qualified personal trainers.  Continue reading “Statement: Fair go Interview – Fitlink”

‘Does this work?’ Are you keeping up with the latest fitness trends?

No matter where you look there seems to be a new tool, workout or quick fix plan that promises great results. Unfortunately, many of the latest trends become old news as they quickly fall out of favour due to being incorrect or unsustainable.

It’s great that exercise and the exercise industry have the ability to change to reflect and embrace incoming science and innovation. This means that you can access the latest research and ideas, but just make sure that before you jump on the ‘next big fitness thing’ that you are confident it is not just a fad. Continue reading “‘Does this work?’ Are you keeping up with the latest fitness trends?”

Exercise New Zealand road show road trip

img_6167Its the second year I have been to the roadshow, so I’m still never quite sure what to expect. this time I took a member of my staff with me too on the super long morning road trip. listen to me: ‘my staff’! It still seems strange to say ‘we’ when talking about the business: it’s always been ‘I’.

So this time I went to the managers talk and that was a last minute decision, I hadn’t considered myself a manager! I guess I am now.  Continue reading “Exercise New Zealand road show road trip”

A Big thank you for exercising with us!

It has been great having you exercising with us this year. We know the benefits of keeping active, and are glad we could share them with you. We also appreciate that New Zealand is a country full of top quality REPs Registered Exercise Facilities, and some pretty awesome registered exercise professionals, and we love the fact you choose us, one of only two in all of Southland. Continue reading “A Big thank you for exercising with us!”

What is Fact and ‘Fashion’ with Proteins in our Diets?

photo credit: REPS NZ
photo credit: REPS NZ

It’s often hard to decide what is fact, and what is fashion when it comes to nutritional areas such as protein requirements around sport and exercise, or even the latest research on exercise areas such as high intensity training. Continue reading “What is Fact and ‘Fashion’ with Proteins in our Diets?”

What is the Register of Exercise Professionals & why do YOU need to know about it?

REPS CertificateREPS is the Register of Exercise Professionals. It isn’t compulsory to be a member but it is the only organisation that regulates the personal training industry. I am constantly amazed by how few people in my area are in fact REPS registered personal trainers, despite there being two REPS registered gym facilities locally. I was approached by someone training to be a personal trainer, asking would I be a mentor, they were struggling to find anyone suitable (sufficienct experience and is REPS registered).  Continue reading “What is the Register of Exercise Professionals & why do YOU need to know about it?”