Age is no barrier to exercise

Not ready to retire to a rocking chair yet? Don’t let age stop you being active. If you are planning to remain strong and physically active as you age, then it’s not too late to start, and there’s no set age you should stop.… Continue Reading “Age is no barrier to exercise”

The dangers of inappropriately qualified personal trainers

An American personal training client has recently been awarded a US$14.5 million verdict against a gym and personal trainer after he suffered a massive stroke that his lawyers claimed was caused by the trainer who was not properly qualified.

Can you eat less and stay on the couch?

You will have seen a few headlines in the media with headlines claiming that exercise does not help with weight loss, with some even asking whether you are ‘wasting your time’ at the gym. While a headline can be shocking, what’s behind a headline… Continue Reading “Can you eat less and stay on the couch?”

Worried about your teenager’s activity levels?

For every kid hitting the great outdoors, enjoying being active and staying fit with friends and family, there is most likely a child who is the complete opposite, sleeping in and spending much of their awake time in front of screens; big or small.

Spring Into Action With Outdoor Exercise

We’ve made it through winter, and while the spring weather hasn’t been playing nice, all the time we can be safe in the knowledge that summer is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the sunshine, the warmth and the longer days… Continue Reading “Spring Into Action With Outdoor Exercise”

Is your desk job killing you?

That Desk Job Could be Killing You – What Can You Do? It turns out you were right. That desk job is killing you. But it’s not the water cooler gossip that is slowly sucking the life out of you, it’s that seat and… Continue Reading “Is your desk job killing you?”