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Day 67: Masters and Juniors regatta 2015

Southland put on a stunner of a day for this race, beautiful warm sunshine very little wind. That always makes rowing much more pleasurable! 

Dunstan regatta: day 2

Today I had two races again, 4’s and doubles. Everything was very relaxed and running to schedule when I arrived. Our borrowed no4 crew member said she could only sit on a stroke side seat (in 4’s each person has only one oar, not…

Dunstan Regatta day 1

Due to an injury following the Hump a Ridge walk (just tired leg need a new knee syndrome I think, it’s ok now, I rested it for two weeks) I missed the Legion regatta last week. This was to be my third race of…

My First Ultra!

My first Ultra distance rowing race, completed! When I was talking to my father about a ’17km race tomorrow’ he said ‘that will be a nice bike ride’. Haha, no – ROWING! Yep, it’s a long way to row when a masters race is…

Bluff Regatta: 1st race of the season

I have to say, in true ‘first race of the season’ style, I felt very CBA about this regatta today. It was amusing to find out that I wasn’t the only one!

A shock GOLD to end the season!

What a shock this was! I went back to work today after a few days off, unwell, and this was in my pigeon hole.