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Recipe: pumpkin and quinoa salad 


Day 69: Two more new recipes

I decided to crack two of my goals this week today, and start as mean to go on! So I had dinner sans carbs and went to the gym to do a strength session! 

Recipe: simply spicy chicken pasta

I was looking for a recipe for chicken that I had left out of the freezer for tea. It had to be quick and simple because my cupboard counts were limited. This recipe was simple, and very tasty, all staple ingredients. 

Day 63: new smoothie and egg bake recipes

A few odd things happened today. I almost called this blog ‘an odd thing happened on a trip to the supermarket!’ Faced with cakes and biscuits several times today, I walked away without wanting or purchasing any. I tried a new YUMMY magic bullet…

Recipe: baked hake with herb dressing

I searched for a recipe for some hake we bought and found this one. super easy, and like an all in one meal.

Day 43: two cheeky little recipes!

Another sunny day in Southland means only one thing: outdoor pursuits of some sort! So I headed off on a wee bike ride before tea. Yep, it was warm!