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Recipe: super quick onion soup

This is a recipe I make again and again because it’s soooo simple and very tasty. You only really need 2 ingredients! I would have made a wee video like last time but by golly those onions made me cry and cry!

Recipe: Monkfish pasta bake 

I made this up the other day, because I had fish to use up and wanted to do something slightly different with it. All amounts are approximate because I didn’t actually measure anything at the time! It tasted really yum, so I’ve written it…

Recipe: chunky sausage and tomato pasta 

We buy sausages occasionally, it’s important to not deny yourself anything if healthy eating is to work. Here’s a reasonably harmless recipe to jazz them up a bit. Simple but tasty. We just used a combination of pasta, what was left in the cupboard. 

Recipe: Original hummus

I decided to try making Hummus this week. How simple!?! if you have a bullet style blender it’s super easy! (And healthy!) 

Recipe: pumpkin soup

I decided to leave the Kumara out and just make pumpkin soup, and delicious it was too. 

Day 82: A smoothie recipe and a trick with yoghurt

I decided that today was the day that I needed to exercise some balance in my life. If I’m not careful, my keen-ness to get this business off the ground will mean that I actually work 24/7. Oh how easy that would be to…