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No such thing as spare time

So very true. We haven’t a minute to waste, not a moment to lose. Don’t ever postpone a thing, doubt that you can, say that you won’t. 

Mums are like buttons

It was too wet to stroll in the park today at lunch time (after bragging to a nice man while ordering gloves from Auckland that it was NOT raining here, unlike up there!) so I went for a walk through a book shop. I…

‘Growing old is a blessing’

Having seen so many family and friends battle unfair illnesses and be taken too soon from this life, I cannot reiterate enough how much of a blessing life is.

Questioning the ordinary

I was watching a film last night about a guy who could time travel back to his life in the past. At first thought how cool, I could go back and see mum again, do things differently, make different decisions. Perhaps I would begin…

Live today like it’s your last

There’s a lot of ways to say this but time is finite, so quit wasting it saying you’ll do it tomorrow, because tomorrow doesn’t come.

The power of positive thought

Think about this quote for a moment.we are the product of our thoughts. So, how many positive thoughts did you have yesterday? What was your first thought about the day?