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Monday thought: your path was the one YOU chose

  We are the creators of our own destiny. If you want a different destination, then choose a different path. You are in control, no one else!  

It’s the starting that stops most people!

Today’s the day. The holidays are over, now let’s get ready to claim the new you!

Do what you love, love what you do..

 It’s all too easy to doubt yourself, take the safe path and convince yourself you are contented. However, have you ever considered making a life full of things you LOVE to do?

Tired of starting over? 

Are you tired of always having to regain the slimmer fitter you that you lost? The answer is simple: stop giving up in between!

Exercise = happiness! 

Not necessarily heavy lifting but you can see the sentiment. The positive endorphins created by exercise have scientifically been proven to improve mood. 

Be the Queen of YOUR life 

This is a wonderful little quote reminding us of how important it is to stay in this moment.