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Happy New Year!

I feel like I should write something profound at the start of the year. In reality, I am wondering if Bella magazine published my piece on making New Years resolutions yet? I’m fascinated to see the end of year stats on the blog, and…

Solace, soothing memories on the sea

I love this daily post, the topic today is water, in its many forms. Water is quite special to me for many reasons. I find comfort in it, memories in it, happiness in it.

A Year in Photos: 2014

This was fun to compile, just like last year. I basically just switch my photo folder on the computer to list per month, and then pick the best one that represents each month. Way easier than trying to think back in my mind! Enjoy! 

2014 review: soul searching and bold moves

I looked back at my blog to find out how I was doing with this years resolutions. Then I discovered I actually didn’t blog about it in 2014. Oops! I know that my most recent resolutions (which I prefer to call goals) were smile…

Yellow sunny summer Christmas!

I tried an interesting combination of daily posts today. This weeks photo challenge is ‘yellow‘. For me down in the Southern Hemisphere sunny Christmas time, this is quite straight forward. 😀

Paint on the Happiness!

This last trio post of 2014 was actually quite simple for me today. Here in the photo trio we have Pharell Williams, my relocated bookcase and a cracked panel heater. Here’s how they go together.