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Rethink Sugary drinks 

The Dietary Guidelines recommend consuming only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing sugars. The recommendations suggest limiting our intake of soft drinks, cordials and juice drinks, warning that just 250ml of soft drink may contain up to 30g of added sugar.

This time last year…

There have been some difficult ‘memories’ pop up in my time hop this week. Around this time 6 years ago I was flirting with the idea of qualifying for GB. This time five years ago, I was standing next to my friend Rachel holding… Continue Reading “This time last year…”

Why do I blog?

 What a curious question. My blog has evolved many faces since I started writing it almost eight years ago. For the past three years (I think) I have been part of  Wordpress ‘postaday’ which to begin with was challenging, but more recently has become… Continue Reading “Why do I blog?”

Playlist of my week

If I put my week into a playlist what would it be? Lets see: Here is a summary of my week on holiday, in songs!

Believe 6 impossible things before breakfast

An Alice in Wonderland quote, but I love it! So, what would my 6 impossible things be? 

Teachers change lives: Walshaw Pram pushers!

My school years are memorable, and not necessarily for positive reasons! I have several memories of teachers who made an impact on my life, negative, dramatic, making me much more determined! From eccentric to the terrifying here’s a small run down!