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Exercise and mental health

So many of our clients come to see us with fitness goals, but forget about the positive effects that fitness can have on mental health. They start their journey – reach their goal, then find that they ‘need’ that fitness fix in order to… Continue Reading “Exercise and mental health”

NLP your new years goals and make them GREAT!

New Years resolutions are always things we make, then forget about. Why not NLP yours and make them effective and more importantly achievable? Here is a step by step guide to how to make effective new years resolutions that are meaningful, worded in a… Continue Reading “NLP your new years goals and make them GREAT!”

Combatting the winter blues with your mind

I’m reading a book at the moment that was lent to me by a client. Now, although it’s not entirely unfamiliar a concept, it’s a slightly different way to look at the same thing. In effect, your thoughts become your actions. So if you… Continue Reading “Combatting the winter blues with your mind”

Fallen off the wagon? Here’s how to climb back on.

I’m pretty sure we have all ‘fallen off that wagon’ at some stage. What usually happens next is a pit of despair, a binge and a thought of ‘oh well, screw it’. STOP!!!! It doesn’t have to be like that!