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Was Marilyn Monroe Fat? Is P!nk Fat? NO!!!

Size discrimination: are we encouraging anorexia in our media? I think so. Have a look at this video. Listen to what all the ladies in the video say.

You are in control of happiness!

The only thing you have complete control over is yourself, and your own attitude.

Vlog: getting the happiness back

Today I thought I would do a Vlog update. It is essential that we do not waste time, that we make the most of out time on this earth and go after whatever dreams we have. ANYTHING is possible. 

Motivational Monday: why you should NEVER give up

Never give up is something I have always said ,but this weekend it was illustrated perfectly in the elite women’s world triathlon championships a grand final in Edmonton Which reminded me of a race that I did too, with a similarly surprising result.

Tell yourself you CAN Tuesday

Almost the perfect quote except the word ‘try’. I would change that if it was my quote.

My reason to believe: All we have is NOW!

There are many ways to look at things: the usual favourites are glass half empty or glass half full.  This is a great daily prompt: In Reason to Believe, Bruce Springsteen says ‘At the end of every heard earned day / people find some…