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Reframing negatives into positives: creating a compelling future

Nothing in life ever goes quite like you would want it to, otherwise we would live in the ideal world, wouldn’t we!? So, what do you do when you’re faced with a lot of these curve balls, how do you get yourself back on…

How to stop feeling down and out

This is an article written by Heidi De Santo in the July edition of OH! Magazine: some tips to help create a more positive mind set from a therapist’s point of view. Accompanying it is this quote, one of my favourites. 

Exercise: it’s all in the mind!

I have seen a couple of links to articles today that refer to how important a positive mind set is when trying to lose weight. REPS NZ posted an article about how negative emotions can harm our health (makes sense) and an interview on BBC…

Was Marilyn Monroe Fat? Is P!nk Fat? NO!!!

Size discrimination: are we encouraging anorexia in our media? I think so. Have a look at this video. Listen to what all the ladies in the video say.

You are in control of happiness!

The only thing you have complete control over is yourself, and your own attitude.

Vlog: getting the happiness back

Today I thought I would do a Vlog update. It is essential that we do not waste time, that we make the most of out time on this earth and go after whatever dreams we have. ANYTHING is possible.