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Recipe: Crunchy baked porridge 

I was sitting watching TV this evening and Gordon Ramsay came on. Many of his recipes actually weren’t that low in fat, but I liked this one so I’m going to adapt it a bit, to suit. ūüôā I’ll try it next week and… Continue Reading “Recipe: Crunchy baked porridge¬†“

Porridge recipes to jazz up your breakfast

This recipe has been adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project.¬†Serves 4, 15 mins to prepare,¬†Super easy. Nutrition information is at the end of the page.¬†

Healthy breakfast oatmeal ideas

¬†I always use jumbo oats in my breakfast if I have cereal, not milled, fill out nicely and keep you fuller for longer. They look like these, rolled oats are the flattened ones. Porridge can get boring so what other things can you add… Continue Reading “Healthy breakfast oatmeal ideas”