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Live, don’t just exist

‘The proper function of man is to live, not to exist’. A great daily quote for 2/3/14 from SoundEagle that I simply had to comment on.

Fearful? Create a fabulous future

From this daily prompt, I took the word in the title, fearful, and therefore stuck to the rule starting each line with ‘F’. Hope you like it.

Tranquility in the bay

I stopped and sat for a while today at the turn point during my evening run, to watch the sun setting. While I was there I took this photo and wrote a few words, which seemed to spring into a poem.

Another rose blooms today

I decided to write a poem today as part of the daily prompt challenge: opposite. Poetry isn’t something I regularly write, so be gentle with me! This poem is inspired by the photo I took of my mothers roses in her garden.

What are true friends?

I hadn’t really considered this at all till recent weeks. Yes, we know many many people, and if  had to make a list of the people I know, I really don’t know how long that would be, but who are the ‘friends’?

The victor is in you!

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” ― Stephen King Today’s motivational Monday post is a poem, I have seen this a number of times around the Internet, and I love it.