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Podcast #15: Get it done!

Procrastination has risen an astounding amount in recent years, we waste more of our life than ever before getting nothing done. It is affecting our relationships, job, finances and in some cases, even health. So what can be done about it to beak the… Continue Reading “Podcast #15: Get it done!”

PODCAST #12: Common thoughts that sabotage my weight loss

This is a popular issue for many of our clients, so we thought we would cover it this morning, specially as we are coming into the ‘silly season’ where temptation is rife! Also, the regular news slot and details how to find us on… Continue Reading “PODCAST #12: Common thoughts that sabotage my weight loss”

Podcast #9: Ten top tips for beginner exercisers

Welcome to all our brand new virtual clients who start their online programs today! Want to know more about our virtual Personal Training?