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Photoaday 2014: My year a day in pictures!

I started Photoaday on my Tumblr blog on 5 March 2014. At first it was hard, some days there seemed to be nothing to photograph, but here is the finished video: 243 phtographs representing (most of) 2014. 

A Year in Photos: 2014

This was fun to compile, just like last year. I basically just switch my photo folder on the computer to list per month, and then pick the best one that represents each month. Way easier than trying to think back in my mind! Enjoy! 

Yellow sunny summer Christmas!

I tried an interesting combination of daily posts today. This weeks photo challenge is ‘yellow‘. For me down in the Southern Hemisphere sunny Christmas time, this is quite straight forward. 😀

Angular sand?

I have a slightly unusual response to the photo challenge this week.

Could you represent your greatest achievement in one photo?

This is a fun photo challenge this week! It is difficult to just choose one photo that means achievement for me, so I have three. There is past, recent, and future. Let me explain.

Raindrops: minimalist photography

This weekly photo challenge immediately brought this photo to mind that I took just the other day.