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Have a knee injury and need prehab / rehab advice?

Are you looking for a personal trainer who REALLY knows knees and can REALLY help you get back to fitness? Look no further! Diane came to see Melanie because she had a knee injury. She has since been told she will ultimately need a…

Exercise Association Roadshow, Dunedin: open minded learning

I did like this particular slide from one of the three speakers I listened to today. It beautifully illustrated the realistic path to our goals which many trainers forget about. I was quite surprised on a number of fronts.

The best advertising: thanking our existing customers!

It’s a very popular questions every business asks itself: what’s the best method of advertising? Well we have decided that it’s simple: by investing in thanking the customers that we already have. It used to really frustrate me when I was a Sky TV…

Sunday FREEBIE: 30 min PT

Today we are giving away one 30 minute personal training session; this goes to anyone anywhere in the world. We can do it locally 1:1 or internationally via Skype to you in the comfort of your own house! 

Giveaway Sunday

So here it is again. This week’s giveaway is simple: book an initial consultation online with me (free, we can use Skype, phone or I can meet you if you’re local, 30 mins total) and I will give you one hour personal training for…

Personal training: back to nature

There’s nothing better for inspiring exercise than getting back to nature. With a park at hand, no two training sessions should be the same for months and months!