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Why choose a REPS registered personal trainer?

So I discovered this week, that I am in fact the only REPS registered personal trainer in all of Southland. I would never have known that had YMCA not told me. (The gym I work at as a spin instructor). Wow. What a selling…

Common Q/A for a personal trainer

There’s always some similar questions and answers that a personal trainer gets asked. Everyone wonders, some ask me, some don’t. Over the years I find I answer the same questions, to different people. Here are four common questions I get asked.

Personal Trainer accreditation here I come!

The only deadlines I have at the moment are coursework deadlines. I’m almost done with my Personal Trainer qualification, well ahead of the coursework deadline. Only a couple of assignments left then the practicals. (Anyone local who wants to be in my coursework video…