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‘Does this work?’ Are you keeping up with the latest fitness trends?

No matter where you look there seems to be a new tool, workout or quick fix plan that promises great results. Unfortunately, many of the latest trends become old news as they quickly fall out of favour due to being incorrect or unsustainable. It’s…

Online coaching; an affordable 1:1 personal trainer in your own home! 

Would you love to have 1:1 personal training but simply can’t afford the time or cost? Well we have the answer for you! And this doesn’t matter where in the world you are either! 

Is running good for you?

Any runner will tell you, there is nothing like heading out for a run, the fresh air, the exercise, and the freedom. Despite bad press on occasion, running or jogging remains one of the go-to exercise options. It’s ongoing popularity due in part to…

Bootcamp and PT’s are nice, not nightmares! 

Gone are the days when The job of a personal trainer looked like this, the trouble is not everyone realises that yet! 

Exercise Association Roadshow, Dunedin: open minded learning

I did like this particular slide from one of the three speakers I listened to today. It beautifully illustrated the realistic path to our goals which many trainers forget about. I was quite surprised on a number of fronts.

What is the Register of Exercise Professionals & why do YOU need to know about it?

REPS is the Register of Exercise Professionals. It isn’t compulsory to be a member but it is the only organisation that regulates the personal training industry. I am constantly amazed by how few people in my area are in fact REPS registered personal trainers,…