Statement: Fair go Interview – Fitlink

repsI thought it was perhaps the right time to make a public statement regards the long standing disputes that have made local and now national news regards Fitlink. As many of our clients will know, two of our staff were caught up in the crossfire when the Fitlink ownership dispute kicked off at the end of 2016. To be fair it was an incredibly stressful time for both our staff, and Ryding2Health as the employer trying to support them to become fully qualified personal trainers.  Continue reading “Statement: Fair go Interview – Fitlink”

Why choose a REPS registered personal trainer?

REPS CertificateSo I discovered this week, that I am in fact the only REPS registered personal trainer in all of Southland. I would never have known that had YMCA not told me. (The gym I work at as a spin instructor). Wow. What a selling point?  Continue reading “Why choose a REPS registered personal trainer?”

Personal Trainer accreditation here I come!

Personal trainerThe only deadlines I have at the moment are coursework deadlines. I’m almost done with my Personal Trainer qualification, well ahead of the coursework deadline.

Only a couple of assignments left then the practicals. (Anyone local who wants to be in my coursework video in exchange for free PT?) Continue reading “Personal Trainer accreditation here I come!”