The dangers of Visceral fat

Image result for visceral fatVisceral fat is the one we don’t think of, some may not know about, but it has many hidden dangers. Visceral fat is the fat stored in the abdominal cavity and it surrounds several of our major organs a bit like a gel, deep beneath the skins surface. Continue reading “The dangers of Visceral fat”

Have a Merry ‘Fit’mass!

In our world, Christmas is on 25 December. But if you live in Armenia apparently it’s on 6 January, or in Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, the birth of Christ is celebrated on 7 January. The most important thing is that wherever in the world you reside there is one thing in common when it comes to Christmas – it’s only one day. Not a week or a month, just one day. Continue reading “Have a Merry ‘Fit’mass!”