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Singles rowing – peace on the river

Today marked another first for me: first time unlocking the rowing club and first time taking myself out in a single. I mean alone, aka no one around at all.

Come row with me, no really!

I have wanted to take a camera on the river with me for ages, almost since I started rowing. finally, I have a GoPro, it’s an early birthday present, so today, I can exclusively take you with me on the river for my morning… Continue Reading “Come row with me, no really!”

3rd in my first ever regatta!

Sufficed to say, I was feeling decidedly under prepared for this regatta, having only ever been in the boat a total of 6 times, EVER. I was struggling to believe they had even entered me, but here in Southland everyone is SOOOOO laid back,… Continue Reading “3rd in my first ever regatta!”