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‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka

Today was meant to be the alternative day for the Big Ruby swim. Sadly it was also cancelled. Why is this sad, I’m not doing it after all? Because I knew that meant that it was windy down at the lake for the triathlon… Continue Reading “‘Race day’ race report: Team M&M do Sovereign Triathlon Wanaka”

Day 12: rest and prep

A funny old day. I slept through 13 hours, till 10am, most unusual so I must have needed it. I had decided today was not going to be a training day. If all goes well and the ruby isn’t postponed, I am doing a… Continue Reading “Day 12: rest and prep”

Salty lipped uphill sea swimming

Today I went for a swim in the bay..because I can! I have never been able to say that on Christmas Eve before!

Preparing for open water swimming

Faced with these two options as a choice of swim venue, which would you choose? I would choose open water, any day, I equate it to running on a treadmill versus running outdoors, but in swimming terms. Of course, there is a time and… Continue Reading “Preparing for open water swimming”

Solo open water swimming

Today was a landmark day for me: my first open water swim in a non arranged solo location! I asked the local swim club where was safe, and here is where was suggested for me: Awarua Bay.

Southland Open Water swimming champs: not as I expected!

So here it is, my first ever swimming race, a swimming race that didn’t have a bike or run after it! How strange! I had no idea what to expect in this race.