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Day 42: last sea swim pre Wanaka

Today was likely┬áto be the last time pre Challenge Wanaka that I would get a chance to sea swim, so when I was tossing up between a row or a swim, after work today, it had to be a swim! Beautiful warm still afternoon… Continue Reading “Day 42: last sea swim pre Wanaka”

Day 41: Southland Open water swim champs

What a beautiful day for a swim, race, even if I was feeling CBA today! It was in Awarua bay, nice and local. It doubled up and the Foveaux Masters club champs and Southland open water swimming champs.

Day 36: Colac bay coached sea swim

Today I decided to try a different swim venue: Colac Bay. I got the idea a few weeks ago when hubby and I went there for a picnic and I saw a water quality sign. So since the tides were wrong for Awarua bay,… Continue Reading “Day 36: Colac bay coached sea swim”

Day 21: Lake Hayes swim event

Today is another simply stunning day in Southland: 28 degrees, beautiful wall to wall sunshine, no wind at all (rare!), the perfect weather for an open water swim event!

Day 12: rest and prep

A funny old day. I slept through 13 hours, till 10am, most unusual so I must have needed it. I had decided today was not going to be a training day. If all goes well and the ruby isn’t postponed, I am doing a… Continue Reading “Day 12: rest and prep”

Preparing for open water swimming

Faced with these two options as a choice of swim venue, which would you choose? I would choose open water, any day, I equate it to running on a treadmill versus running outdoors, but in swimming terms. Of course, there is a time and… Continue Reading “Preparing for open water swimming”