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Worlds colliding: the UK, but not!

This has been my downfall since I arrived in New Zealand: assuming I know things, but in fact it’s the same, but not. Just because you’re from an equally English speaking left side driving country doesn’t mean it’s the same! Here are a few… Continue Reading “Worlds colliding: the UK, but not!”

Somewhere in the sky!

So round about now I am probably on a plane. Who knows what plane but I will have been sat there for a while let’s just say!

Last day in the UK.

I sat in the coffee shop in the local shopping centre after my visit to the gym and couldn’t quite believe it.

Last day at work, end of an era

It was a sad day today, the last day as a UK employee, and the last day I would see my wonderful team of staff. I have to say though, they made it a truly special day which I will always remember.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This was a shot my husband took while we were on holiday in New Zealand. a slightly different slant on the word ‘illumination’ 🙂