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Daily Sanity Diaries #20: Day in the life: Gemma

Behind the scenes – a day in the life of our massage therapist mum of two – Gemma. What is it like in lock down with two children under 5? Watch and find out!

Daily Sanity Diaries #16 – The supermarket Experience

Today I compare two major NZ supermarkets and how they are tackling Covid-19. Have you had an experience different to mine? Then let me know! (No names though!)

Daily Sanity Diaries #12 – making your temporary home office.

If you have a job that’s enabled you to work from home, it’s important to make yourself a new temporary work space. So here’s what mine looks like…

Daily Sanity Diaries #9

Getting through the weekend? Plus top tips for supermarket shopping 😊

A Day in the life of a small business owner

A day in the life: what it’s like to be me!

Anzac Day: 100 years on, We shall Remember Them.

I went, as I did last year, to the Dawn Parade, this isn’t something I ever did in England. I think it’s because the ceremony at the cenotaph took place in major cities only. Here in New Zealand every city and town has a… Continue Reading “Anzac Day: 100 years on, We shall Remember Them.”