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Could you represent your greatest achievement in one photo?

This is a fun photo challenge this week! It is difficult to just choose one photo that means achievement for me, so I have three. There is past, recent, and future. Let me explain.


The final day of competition for me in the Masters Games, thank goodness. It has been a tiring week. Four 2:5 hour drives, work in between, and 9 races in 5 days. Today was regatta day. 

Still more to go: the lul before the final storm!

Its been a strange day or so. I came back late last night from Dunedin, straight to sleep before another early up to go to the rowing club and help them load the boats onto the trailer for transportation up there for Saturday’s rowing… Continue Reading “Still more to go: the lul before the final storm!”

NZ Masters games: 2 more medals!

Day 2 of the track competitions here in Dunedin and looking at this photo of my warm up bike, you would struggle to believe that it was hammering it down earlier today! 

One day to go: NZ masters games!

I feel strangely calm. I think it’s because I have absolutely no pressure on myself, none at all. I go into the New Zealand Masters Games with only one expectation: to enjoy it!