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Happy New Year!

I feel like I should write something profound at the start of the year. In reality, I am wondering if Bella magazine published my piece on making New Years resolutions yet? I’m fascinated to see the end of year stats on the blog, and… Continue Reading “Happy New Year!”

2014 review: soul searching and bold moves

I looked back at my blog to find out how I was doing with this years resolutions. Then I discovered I actually didn’t blog about it in 2014. Oops! I know that my most recent resolutions (which I prefer to call goals) were smile… Continue Reading “2014 review: soul searching and bold moves”

Podium finish?

Today’s prompt was simple: what is the 11th thing on your bucket list? In my post a few days ago, when the prompt was about New Years resolutions, I made a bucket list then, as that is how I would determine whether things were… Continue Reading “Podium finish?”

2012: Success! Onwards to 2013!

 In 2010 I wrote a blog detailing what my new years resolution was for that year. In 2010 I am not sure that I thought out a way of measuring the success of my goals, so I could say that I succeeded, but that would be opinion… Continue Reading “2012: Success! Onwards to 2013!”

New Years Goals to create a life changing 2013

Last year I wrote a blog showing you how you can set great goals that will work, and that you will achieve.  This years New Years resolutions blog is going to be different. How do you SIGNIFICANTLY change your 2013? Imagine that this was… Continue Reading “New Years Goals to create a life changing 2013”