NLP your new years goals and make them GREAT!

NLP your new years goalsNew Years resolutions are always things we make, then forget about. Why not NLP yours and make them effective and more importantly achievable? Here is a step by step guide to how to make effective new years resolutions that are meaningful, worded in a way that guarantees 100% success! Continue reading

Your butt wont change shape if you keep sitting on it!

donut crunchChristmas is a time of celebration, of indulgence (usually, although one of my clients has LOST weight over Christmas despite having all the trimmings) so now is the time to get back into action. Just because you have had a week off doesn’t mean you need to throw the towel in!  Continue reading

A Big thank you for exercising with us!

It has been great having you exercising with us this year. We know the benefits of keeping active, and are glad we could share them with you. We also appreciate that New Zealand is a country full of top quality REPs Registered Exercise Facilities, and some pretty awesome registered exercise professionals, and we love the fact you choose us, one of only two in all of Southland. Continue reading

Strength = lean: why the gym is important

Fat v muscle I see this mistake so much, spotted this picture and thought it illustrated it beautifully.

When New Years resolutions are made, they often say ‘weight loss’, it’s how people talk when they say they are going on a ‘diet’. That’s not actually what we mean though.  Continue reading

Wording resolutions to guarantee success


Determination to succeedNo goal was ever achieved by committing in a half assed way. If you want to be sure you achieve your new years resolutions, you need to be committed to them 100%.

Write them down in first person format. Make them time specific, and most important – measurable. Continue reading

The final happiness chapter: body fat re-balancing

Healthy shopping!

Healthy shopping!

I feel like my blog has come a full circle lately. I started blogging in 2007 because I had decided to get fit, and wanted to create myself an online log of my progress. In fact, that was the birth of a following and the start of a massive journey that took me to many exciting places that I would never have dreamed of.

So why do I think I’m back there again today? Because, quite frankly my last 18 months has been frightful, and it’s time I completed my ‘get myself back’ journey with the last massive hurdle: body composition. Continue reading