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The value of rest for an athlete

I hear all the time, people talking about how much training they did, how many hours they clocked up this week. There’s even a series of apps that will calculate it all for you and share it on your social networks. Is all this… Continue Reading “The value of rest for an athlete”

Anxiety and sporting performance

A while ago I wrote a blog introducing how NLP can help you combat anxiety in your sport. Anxiety is a search term that is used a lot in google, there must be a lot of anxious athletes out there. Does your anxiety serve… Continue Reading “Anxiety and sporting performance”

What is Prehab?

I posted on Facebook the other day that I had managed to achieve my recent mini goal, to lift the whole stack of 190kg on the leg press machine before I go into hospital for surgery on Monday. Someone asked was lifting hefty weights… Continue Reading “What is Prehab?”

Weekly writing challenge: A day that changed my life

┬áTell us about a moment when your life was changed in a split second It was a day of heavy rain, I was refereeing a men’s rugby match in a nearby town, after which I was due to meet a ‘blind date’. We are… Continue Reading “Weekly writing challenge: A day that changed my life”

The benefits of aqua jogging

Coach gave me aqua jogging in my schedule this week for the first time. This is in preparation for my knee operation on Monday. To be honest, I hated the whole idea.

Light therapy and Jet Lag: TESTED

A trip to New Zealand, a couple of SAD lamps, the perfect opportunity to test out the light therapy idea and how it may or may not help with Jet lag.