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#21 Why do we strengthen muscles and not tendons?

 This weeks question is a more technical question, a great one too. We regularly talk about strengthening muscles, but what happens to the tendons? 

Complete strength with loaded movement training

Strength training is one of the most popular practices of conditioning. When people decide they want to lose weight, gain weight, perform better, or exercise for better health, strength training is likely to be considered. When we think of strength training, we think of… Continue Reading “Complete strength with loaded movement training”

Day 28: gym bunny

It’s fair to say that today hasn’t gone exactly as I thought. Still, I had a good visit to the gym and feel much better for it. 

Strength = lean: why the gym is important

I see this mistake so much, spotted this picture and thought it illustrated it beautifully. When New Years resolutions are made, they often say ‘weight loss’, it’s how people talk when they say they are going on a ‘diet’. That’s not actually what we… Continue Reading “Strength = lean: why the gym is important”

Most popular health and fitness questions: answered

Today, inspired by the daily post, is thought I would answer some of the most popular questions I usually hear or get asked, in relation to training, fitness and nutrition.