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Day 61: How life changes, hey?

It’s been a strange day. It was raining most of the morning, I struggled with what to do that was indoors based. Everything here is designed around the outdoors, all my pastimes are based on the outdoors. On reflection, anything computer based wasn’t even… Continue Reading “Day 61: How life changes, hey?”

Day 40: the new mountain bike

We bought these a few weeks ago but only got them out for the first time today. Long overdue, a mountain bike that actually works, and costs more than $70! 

Clutha valley ride day 2: Roxburgh to Lawrence

Day two, and this one was the biggie, 73km, but hopefully flatter than yesterday afternoon. And, it was forecast rain. We planned to stop at Millers Flat for morning tea, where a masters rower has a caravan. He wasn’t riding so agreed to organise… Continue Reading “Clutha valley ride day 2: Roxburgh to Lawrence”

Mountain-biking the trails: like running but not!

Today OH decided to go for a run along the banks of the Waihopai – a gravel path that takes you right out to the estuary. It’s a lovely trail, specially in the summer. I miss running sometimes, in that regard. So, today I… Continue Reading “Mountain-biking the trails: like running but not!”