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Never stop laughing

I spotted this in a shop, and thought it was such a great quote. we spend a lot of time stressing, and not enough creating happiness.

I am creating my own happiness, are you!?

Its been a few weeks, since I set myself the ‘STOP MAKING EXCUSES challenge, so how am I doing? I thought I would do a vlog update today. Enjoy.

Is the world your oyster? It is mine!

I had one of those realisation moments yesterday. You know the moment that springs out of the blue and you think ‘Is this really my life?’. I was driving back from Forest Hill reserve, I had been tramping as a break from study. As… Continue Reading “Is the world your oyster? It is mine!”

Monday thought: Three rules for life

Beautifully simple, yet something many of us still only strive to achieve.

Think outside the box: quote of the day

If you accept someone else’s idea of reality you will have no control ver your own destiny. Being an individual and thinking for yourself while other people are callng you crazy takes courage.

Quote: Be still, don’t rush, happiness will find you

Sometimes we simply do not give ourselves enough time to be still, alone, and just think of nothing. Our lives are a busy mish mash of things we are trying to cram in, when sometimes we just need to STOP.