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It’s the starting that stops most people!

Today’s the day. The holidays are over, now let’s get ready to claim the new you!

Exercise = happiness! 

Not necessarily heavy lifting but you can see the sentiment. The positive endorphins created by exercise have scientifically been proven to improve mood. 

Look at the whole book, not just today’s page

I see this so often: we can be so focussed on the now that it creates tunnel vision and we forget about what’s around us. It’s human nature to surround ourselves with things we are familiar with, but have you been stuck on the… Continue Reading “Look at the whole book, not just today’s page”

Monday thought: finding your own unknown

It takes some courage to actually walk the path alone, with confidence. Far too often we focus on what has been or what might be, what others say, or might think. We don’t spend enough time thinking about ourselves and what we want, think… Continue Reading “Monday thought: finding your own unknown”

Never too late to change the road!

Way to many people live on dreams and what ifs, without actually realising that YOU are ALWAYS in charge of the road. If you don’t like it, find a turn off! 

Adapt and change to succeed!

Sometimes in life, things just don’t ever seem to turn out as we would hope, or expect. Some unknown is always waiting around the corner to catch us out.