Tag: Motivational Monday

Only compare your progress with YOU!

So true. Far too many of us measure our progress and success on others when in fact we should be looking inside ourselves. 

Witnessing amazing first steps: Inspirational Monday

The First step is always the biggest, and I have witnessed some amazing first steps this first week alone. I have some clients booking into their first fitness class EVER, some defying the medical professionals to return to exercise that they thought they could… Continue Reading “Witnessing amazing first steps: Inspirational Monday”

The power of positive thought

Think about this quote for a moment.we are the product of our thoughts. So, how many positive thoughts did you have yesterday? What was your first thought about the day? 

Water makes the world go round?

A slightly different Monday thought, one that involves something we give little thought to: water. 

Small steps, big steps, they’re all steps

   It’s the small things that we often don’t even notice. When I was a special needs teacher it was the small steps that became big ones. In personal training clients it’s the same. It’s all too easy to be focussed on the now… Continue Reading “Small steps, big steps, they’re all steps”

Morning thought: save yourself from the old

It’s all well and good having a grand idea for a new venture, fitness programme or healthy eating plan but what about what you have ‘always done’?