Tag: Motivational Monday

Be the Queen of YOUR life 

This is a wonderful little quote reminding us of how important it is to stay in this moment. 

No such thing as spare time

So very true. We haven’t a minute to waste, not a moment to lose. Don’t ever postpone a thing, doubt that you can, say that you won’t. 

How to stop feeling down and out

This is an article written by Heidi De Santo in the July edition of OH! Magazine: some tips to help create a more positive mind set from a therapist’s point of view. Accompanying it is this quote, one of my favourites. 

I choose…

I love this quote. It summarised my bullish attitude towards life. Quit messing about and go get it, no one else will do it for you!

Live today like it’s your last

There’s a lot of ways to say this but time is finite, so quit wasting it saying you’ll do it tomorrow, because tomorrow doesn’t come.

Seeking motivation? Find it here!

This is another topic I was asked to write about recently. If you are seeking motivation, that means, in effect, you have a goal, but don’t know how to get yourself there, right? Well, here’s where you should start.