Podcast #13 Motivation: making changes stick

We are back on the podcast! Yay! So here is the audio of our recent motivation seminar. In this podcast we talk about what motivation is plsu how to firstly know what you want, know how to get it and know what to do if you fall off the trail!

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Pushing yourself Beyond the limit

titans rocksI went tramping today, with my OH. Nothing unusual in that? It was a difficult grade route, 8 hours in total, including an increase of elevation up to 1250m, a very steep ascent / descent. Still nothing unusual in that? I knew I would be crying in agony before the end yet I still went. You might think that is slightly unusual. Here’s why. Continue reading “Pushing yourself Beyond the limit”

Making a bold life / career change: where to start?

Big gulpI have, both in the past and at present, made some bold life and career choices. It has taken me down an interesting path, and also prompted me to start a journal. The two things ended up being connected, and I wanted to share what I had learned.

  • Are you a person that is not quite happy with the job you have, but are not sure where to start with actually considering a career change?
  • Do you often think how jealous you are of other people that make bold moves, and think there is no way you could do that?

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Do you live life to the full?

IMG_2657I was sitting in the library today killing time while OH got a hair cut. I found an ‘inspirational quotes’ book that I picked up, sat down and had a flick through. This quote caught my eye (as did many but this was my favourite). Continue reading “Do you live life to the full?”

Living in the NOW: guided meditation podcast

power-of-now-620x350I am still reading the Tolle book I mentioned last week, ‘The Power of Now’ and it have in fact purchased it now too, on my kindle. Tolle says that our minds are constantly making ‘incessant noise’ which is preventing us from finding our realm of inner stillness. Thinking is something that he calls a ‘disease that happens when things get out of balance’.

This is the second blog in a series exploring the ‘power of now’ and will include NLP techniques and podcasts to help get you started on your journey.

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