Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diets For Type 2 Diabetes

ACWM Low Carb
Photo Credit: Global Weight Management Federation

Two of the biggest health issues facing society today are overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes. Despite therapeutic advances, prevalence of both conditions continue to soar. This suggests more effective treatment strategies are required to reverse the trend. Continue reading “Low-Carbohydrate VS Low-Fat Diets For Type 2 Diabetes”

Recipe: fruity rice sundae

Rice desertI actually served this warm, although the original recipe said cold. I made it on the hop one day, having not tried it before. Instead of the fruit listed below I used fresh fruit: apricots, banana, boysenberries. I think the fruit choice is flexible and entirely up to you. Continue reading “Recipe: fruity rice sundae”

Why LOW FAT is actually worse: Muesli compared

I went looking for muesli this weekend whilst shopping. I am a label reader at the best of times, because I know how much hidden rubbish is in food, specially sugar and salt, and I haven’t got used to all the brands here yet. What I found was surprising.  Continue reading “Why LOW FAT is actually worse: Muesli compared”

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