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Day 25: long swim day

A couple of surprising things happened today: the long swim (160 lengths/ 4km) was faster than I expected, despite hitting an ‘it it over yet’ period at 92 lengths I couldn’t eat my beloved post swim pancakes, only managed half the plate, when I… Continue Reading “Day 25: long swim day”

Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!

Today I decided to swim long. In order to ensure I had completed the full distance I went to the pool. My new swim location, Colac Bay can wait, I want to ease myself into that gently. 4km is no way to explore a… Continue Reading “Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!”

Long swim chillax session!

Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the long swim so I set off to the pool without an agenda, to just see how it went.

Psychology of the long swim: yet another approach!

 I think this is my favourite one so far. Today I had contact lenses in, and was in a lane close to the clock. 

The long swim: adapt or flail!

It is long swim day today, 4km. I have written about this a few of my previous times. Today I had another variable to contend with: where’s the clock!