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Swimming pool entertainment

It does a use me when I go to the pool, because I never know who I will encounter or what oddities I might see! Today was 4km day, plenty of time for entertainment!

Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!

Yep, it moved along a few days! I was presented with a new ‘problem’ today. My lap counter has given up the ghost, I have ordered another. But, I have a feeling that it is a UK company, so I could be waiting three… Continue Reading “Long swim Monday: You may NOT pass go!”

Swimming long: counting to 150 and beyond!

I have written about this before the first time I did a long swim. They are becoming more regular as I am now training for the swim leg of Challenge Wanaka. I am trying to fit in one 4km swim a week, and today… Continue Reading “Swimming long: counting to 150 and beyond!”