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Breaking down the 4km pool swim

4 weeks till the Big Ruby so I decided I needed to be less complacent and do some swim training! Today I aimed to do 4km. 

Big Ruby panic training!

So, where does a personal trainer spend their day off? Why, in a sporting establishment of some sort! Yep, long swim training on the day off. 

Day 84: long long swimming!

I went for a swim today. Is was pretty much my view. Boredom wasn’t the word. And why?! Because I went at a quiet time of day and had no one to look at! 

Day 17: long swim

Today I actually successfully managed to achieve what I had intended yesterday, it’s handy when you get the afternoon off.

Day 2: fruit and 4km

I would challenge anyone who doesn’t consider walking to be ‘fitness. Today I can certainly feel that my glutes did some work yesterday, from the yomping up and down the hill at Mores Reserve.

Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!

Today I decided to swim long. In order to ensure I had completed the full distance I went to the pool. My new swim location, Colac Bay can wait, I want to ease myself into that gently. 4km is no way to explore a… Continue Reading “Long swim Tuesday: lengthy monotony!”