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Dragging your Sunday butt into action!

Sunday afternoon, feet up, howling gales and rain outside, feel like going to do some exercise? No, not really! With the Ruby a week away, I suppose I should!

Day 62: odd swimming companions!

Monday seems to be turning into long steady swim day. I like starting the week that way after the first days work of the new week. I have around an hour, it is usually nice and quiet before I get booted out for the… Continue Reading “Day 62: odd swimming companions!”

Day 58: adaptable lane chaos

I have to say that today’s lane swim was the busiest I have ever experienced! I went at tea time, a time of day I have never been before, and one I won’t readily go again. Seven in a wee 25m lane is busy,… Continue Reading “Day 58: adaptable lane chaos”

Day 55: swimming motivated by the surroundings

The people around me do amuse me sometimes, specially when I am simply there to swim up and down and they all turn it into a competition! I used it today as Fartlek motivation!

Day 11: …and relax!

Today has been a tough and stressful day at work (the other day job not the coaching). That plus not much sleep meant I was doubting whether my plan to swim later was actually wise. I talked myself out of it completely. 

Long swim chillax session!

Today I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the long swim so I set off to the pool without an agenda, to just see how it went.