The life of a knee: Melanie’s story

Image result for melanie ryding aclI have sat on this for many years, not saying anything. But recently I have come to realise that my story could in fact help others. That coupled with the fact that I am a personal trainer and a massage therapist means that in fact, I could place myself as a knee treatment specialist. How so? Well, here is my story.  Continue reading “The life of a knee: Melanie’s story”

Pushing yourself Beyond the limit

titans rocksI went tramping today, with my OH. Nothing unusual in that? It was a difficult grade route, 8 hours in total, including an increase of elevation up to 1250m, a very steep ascent / descent. Still nothing unusual in that? I knew I would be crying in agony before the end yet I still went. You might think that is slightly unusual. Here’s why. Continue reading “Pushing yourself Beyond the limit”

Weekly Photo challenge: An unrepeatable sporting challenge

tough mudder 2012 Let me set the scene for this photo. I had just come back from the Triathlon World championships in Auckland, which I was advised NOT to do due to upcoming knee surgery that was scheduled  for the DAY AFTER the Tough Mudder race.

I ended up in the race quite by accident. Continue reading “Weekly Photo challenge: An unrepeatable sporting challenge”