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Book review: the Oarsome adventures of a fat boy rower by Kevin Biggar

Before I review I need to tell you how I came upon this book. I went to the annual Rotary book sale, popular here due to the high price of books in the shops. I like factual books, biography, adventure, that sort of thing.… Continue Reading “Book review: the Oarsome adventures of a fat boy rower by Kevin Biggar”

Look out for the wise sign…

When I saw this week’s photo challenge, entitled ‘signs’ I wasn’t sure what to use, till I spotted this in a local pub. They usually have silly little quotes on this board.

Why it was OK to give up triathlon

Quite often I get comments such as it is a shame you had to give up triathlon, and quit team GB so, today I decided to explain why it is OK that this has happened, and my life was forced to take another path.

International Womens’ day: who inspires you?

Being the kind of person that I am, I had to say something about this important day, after all, I have spent a lot of my life doing things that people say that I can’t!!  For example: 

I won an ‘inspiring blog’ award!

Thank you so much to laid back life for nominating me for this blog award, I feel very honoured. It is so lovely to know that someone finds inspiration in the things that I write. I was inspired to start my journey to health and… Continue Reading “I won an ‘inspiring blog’ award!”

The Extra Ordinary Jane Tomlinson

I never had the pleasure or opportunity to meet the incredible Jane Tomlinson, who sadly died of cancer in 2007 at the age of 43, after a long term battle with cancer.