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Could you represent your greatest achievement in one photo?

This is a fun photo challenge this week! It is difficult to just choose one photo that means achievement for me, so I have three. There is past, recent, and future. Let me explain.

Determination is what I am made of!

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favourite thing about yourself. I thought for a moment about this and something came right into my head. I was interested in seeing what hubby… Continue Reading “Determination is what I am made of!”

Going it alone: China, 2011 without ‘Team Mel’

Obviously, my favourite person is my wonderfully supportive husband, who has been right there when I needed him over many many years. Through thick and thin, we are still an incredibly strong team, so when I had to go to china for two weeks… Continue Reading “Going it alone: China, 2011 without ‘Team Mel’”

Weekly photo challenge: 2012 in pictures

I had a good old look for a selection of photos that truly represented my 2012. This post is different to my montage I posted recently in so much as I represent a range of things that happened in my 2012 calendar through photos,… Continue Reading “Weekly photo challenge: 2012 in pictures”

New Zealand video montage

I put together a montage to summarise my trip to new Zealand. Its just over 11 minutes long, and gives you a flavour of all the things that I did, saw and visited. If you want to read about it in detail, I blogged… Continue Reading “New Zealand video montage”

Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

This weeks photo challenge is silhouette. The photo I wanted to use for this was immediately obvious to me, this is one from the ITU world championships, which I competed in on Monday 22 October.